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Gelato 33 strain is also known as Larry bird strain, a sweet phenotype of the original famed Fela from the Bay area of California. It is a balanced, strong hybrid. The product is made by mixing thin mint GSC and sunset sherbet with its powerful attributes. All the sampling is worth all the yummy phenotypes of the strain.

It creates a significant energized effect that can drive the consumer through all day and elate. The product has dark green, purple nugs with bright orange hairs. Aromas of fruit and citrus hit immediately, followed by earthy tones. This is sure to pair well with vodka, gin, wine or beer. If you are the type of person who wants dessert after dinner, you would love to scoop up gelato 33. You can buy Gelato 33 strain for sale safely if you use online stores.

Advantages of Gelato 33 strain

The products help the people with following problems-
? 28% of people think it helps with stress
? 24% of people consumed when they were depressed
? 24% of times with anxiety
? 20% of the time, with pain
? 11% when people had a headache


The product contains a THC level of around 22%, which may not seem incredibly strong, but your experience after consumption will be the best experience you will have. Gelato 33 nugs are lovely with delicate structure and tons of frosty trichomes. There are scents of orange, earth and mint in the product. The flavours are more of berry and citrus, which gives a sweet and sour taste.

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As all cannabis products are available on the website for online orders, it is easy for consumers to get the products at their doorstep. For example, gelato is available on the website for sale. Ordering online saves time for the consumers, and they don't have to search for that. The product has safely reached the customers.


Gelato is sweet, a powerful hybrid from cookie fam in California. The product helps with pain and loss of appetite and elevates to new heights.


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