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STIIIZY's pod is an element of a proprietary vape system with the custom-made pod stuffed with the best cannabis oil and a sleek, proprietary hand-held battery into which the pod's area unit is inserted for vaping. In late 2019, the corporate
began functioning on a plan of the composition board packaging for the pod that might use less material to realize price and resource efficiencies. The new packaging was created in-house by STIIIZY'S massive team of in-house designers. To set the stage, the present packaging comprised an Associate in Nursing outer composition board carton, with an Associate in Nursing inner receptacle, die-cut to carry the pod.

Features of Stiizy

The receptacle took up a simple fraction of the package, on the proper facet of the carton, with the left facet empty.

  • Every carton was bespoke, with the range name enclosed with the brand lockup. Associate in Nursing anti-counterfeit authentication sticker appeared on the front of the carton; however, just for those merchandise oversubscribed in California. The child-resistant mechanism was positioned on the left facet of the box. We can Provide Stiizy for sale.
  • While to the casual observer, the changes in STIIIZY's packaging might not be that noticeable, providing the graphics stay, for the most part, equivalent, the plan has had a big result all across the STIIIZY offer chain. ''In the terrible youth, we tend to made packaging within the tens of thousands of units.
  • Nowadays, we tend to manufacture legion units,'' Kim says.''Reducing the quantity of packaging we tend to use, whether or not Associate in Nursing insert or a discount within. You can buy Stiizy online if you want.
  • The overall size of the package incorporates a tremendous impact on our operations and bottom line. Our merchandise area unit is accessible in multiple states, and therefore the total savings in mixture across all of those state lines very add up.


It conjointly takes less time for our groups to package our pods, save plenty of paper, and reduce our overall waste impact.''


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