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Straight Milk Chocolate

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Straight Milk Chocolate Bar brings together two good tastes that taste good together—34% premium cacao chocolate and a custom blend of sativa-dominant THC oil. Straight Milk Chocolate edible looks similar to a traditional chocolate bar and is
parted into eight pieces that can easily cut the bar for correct dosing.

Don’t be impatient with this edible as the onset period can be slow. Starting a high dose takes you to happy and euphoric headspace, then as chocolate is left in the sun, you will melt into a warm and happy state of utter relaxation. Higher doses give you an analgesic effect and are mostly a case of munchies. Straight Milk Chocolate could be well suited for managing the effects of stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, headaches, pain, inflammation, and lack of appetite. You can buy Straight Milk Chocolate online if you want.

The Aroma of the Edible

You can smell the sweet chocolatey scent immediately after the plastic packaging is taken off. The distinctive Coco scent fills the nose with a familiar fragrance that is not usually a cannabis product. The scent does not contain a marijuana smell and can be unnoticed or discreet.

Where to Buy Straight Milk Chocolate

Online, you can purchase a wide variety of over-the-counter products at low prices. Purchase products for common ailments—order online Straight Milk Chocolate from our website. We provide products which have quality and are cheaper at the rate. We don’t leave our customers in between and provide them with good services, for further query do message us.


Straight up smooth, sweet, and tasty Straight Milk Chocolate made even more delightful with the purest, sweet taken-out THC—a real melty experience for your mouth and your mood both. So, sit back, relax, and melt away.


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