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Birthday Cake (H)


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Birthday Cake (H) for Sale

Birthday Cake, typically named cake Kush or cake, is an Associate in Nursing Indica- dominant hybrid with amazingly well-balanced effects. Its parent strains, female child Cookies and Cherry Pie lend to its sweet ish, slightly fruity flavour profile and its happy, ascent, nevertheless relaxing effects.

Knowing More Detail About Birthday Cake

The strain encompasses a consciousness-altering drug content that ranges from 2 hundredths to pure gold, and its potent high kicks off with a contented, elated elation. A wonderful mood booster, the cake is nice for calming the mind with its cerebral high. When some bowls, it usually produces deep sedation and intense couch-lock.

Medical patients and recreational smokers alike love this strain for its delicious buttery- sweet flavour profile and deeply restful effects. If you'3re searching for smart|an honest|a decent} laugh with good friends, this dessert-like strain is a wonderful thanks to wind down at the top of the day. We can Provide Birthday Cake for sale.

  • A THC-heavy cross between the Indica-dominant Cherry Pie strain and, therefore, the indica-leaning female child Cookies strain, cake manages to balance its parent cultivars'cerebral and physical effects.
  • Given its Durban Poison lineage, the high kicks off with a generous cerebral buzz that feels happy, euphoric, and artistic. However, like its folks, the strain leans indica, which implies its initial stimulating impact ultimately provides thanks to deep relaxation, pain relief, sedation, and for many users, intense couch-lock.
  • Best for nighttime use, the strain is great for assuaging stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and sleep disorder.
  • The cake strain is distinctive with its excellent biological science and wonderful balance of ascent, euphoric, creative, relaxing, and sedating effects.


While it's undoubtedly counselled for nighttime use, it can even be smart} social strain for winding down in good company at the top of a protracted, taxing day. You can buyBirthday Cake online easily.


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