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Cookies Live Resin

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Cookies Live Resin is a 50-50 hybrid extract with a little earthy flavour and a galactic appeal and has flavourful terpenes and therapeutic cannabinoids. It has different strain flavours like vanilla, sweet, tropical, blueberry, and earthy. It is a cross between Girl Scout cookies and cherry pie and thus blasts berry decadence that gives a therapeutic hit for a feeling of relaxation. It is a hybrid concentrate that produces a persuasive sweetness with an earthy savour and is a carefree and euphoric concentrate that relaxes the mind and sedates the body, and makes for a great post-work dab.

Advantages of Consumption of Cookies Live Resin

It gives a feeling of relaxation to the mind and body after a hard day. It thus thinks positively and straightforward to clarify various doubts about their futuristic life. It makes a person feel happy and forget about all the mishappenings in a person's life and move
forward by leaving behind all the negativities and staying positive.

  • It makes a person feel euphoric, that is, extremely colourful and staying happy in all the conditions and think straightforward to understand all the conditions and find a solution for every problem.
  • It also makes a person giggly and thus happy even in sad conditions.
  • It also helps a person in making the right decisions at the right time and in the right conditions.
  • It also has different flavours, which makes a person choose among different choices available and thus make a person interested in the products and motivates them to buy the same.

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