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G Pen Connect x MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Rig Bundle

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G pen connects when fused with MJA Ursa Dab Rig Bundle is a perfect fusion of form and function. G Pen Connect is an innovative idea that can revolutionize and is useful to its consumption. G Pen connects heat to the temperature within five seconds as soon as it is connected. G pen connects a high vapour quality with high density, which does not require a torch or exposed nail. G Pen gives out ceramic heating, an essential element of use.

Knowing More Bout the Product

G Pen Connect is burnt efficiently and evenly. You can also get a smooth and powerful intake by adding glass to glass water. G Pen is designed with three  temperature settings, and you can draw an extended mode to it. It is made by keepin the user's need for flavour and heat preferences. You can Order G Pen Connect x MJ Online if you want.

It also has a wide variety of concentrates. It provides us with a quick and easy set-up. You can also charge it whenever you feel the need for it. Ursa mini ring is quick to rotate to adjust according to your requirements. It is made with modern features and gives a classic look. The vapor is made to split into tiny bubbles for maximum water diffusion. Each pull from it is fresh and soothing.

Where to Buy G Pen Connect X Ursa Mini Rings

You can order the product online from any known website. This is a product that you will not regret buying or ordering online. The less air you will feel, the best flavor. It is all packed in a palm-size for easy use by the consumers.


G Pen connects x Ursa mini rings is a great deal where you sacrifice nothing and get the best product.


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