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GIO Afternoon Delight

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G Pen Gio is a slim and portable vape device that uses pre-filled pods for vaping alternative liquids, and these liquids can either be THC or CBD dominant strains. The Gio is similar in working like Pax Era. The G Pen Gio is available in three varieties: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. The Afternoon Delight is an Indica-dominant hybrid that originated from Colorado Seed. The top aromas are pungent pine and earthy herbs, and the top flavours are fruit and diesel.

The G Pen Gio is a draw-activated vaporizer with a cutting-edge liquid cartridge system for smooth and natural pulls with maximum vapour density. These easy to use products are gaining popularity as new consumers navigate the complex world of cannabis brands. Thus, they are gaining momentum over traditional flower purchases, and therefore they] offer a cannabis experience that is easy to share, enjoy and access. Once fully charged, its battery can give power to a minimum of 12 activations in 48minutes of heating time, and its cartridge is also compatible with the G Pen Gio battery.

When to Use It

  • When one feels sleepy, it must be used to gain energy and be productive.
  • It can be used if you feel a bit tingly and want to reenergize.
  • It also makes one feel euphoric; if one wants to feel extremely excited and doesn't want to be depressed. You cany buy Gio Afteernoon Delight online easily.
  • It makes one feel extremely relaxed where one gets a view of his life and a solution to deal with the problems. And thus feel a lot uplifted.
  • If it's not a quiet quitting time and is sweet, silky and chill, then the combination of different flavours can bring the happy hour.

Is It Available Online

Yes, it is available to order Gio Afteernoon Delight online on various platforms. Its quality is never compromised and thus is a trusted product.


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