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Orange Awakening Mints

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Orange Awakening Mints For Sale

These are the fantastic high: 5mg of uplifting sativa in delicious citrus-flavoured mint, less tiny than the pinkie fingernail. Every tiny little mint could be good for a whole day or evening of joy. Orange Awakening Mints offers a great, low, constant dosage and fit discreetly into the pocket. They contain Siberian ginseng, ginkgo, matcha, and orange oil to enhance your alertness and grow your stamina.

Features of Orange Awakening Mints

  •  Orange Awakening Mints edible is excellent for offering a low, constant dosage.
  •  They are sold in packs of the child-resistant blister.
  •  The edible is 16, 5mg THC Orange Awakening Mints per package.
  •  You are permitting Dixie Mints to fully dissolve into your tongue, which will result in quicker activation.
  •  Dixie Mints are triple lab tested for quality and steadiness.

You can now buy Orange Awakening Mints online if you want and enjoy the taste of these fantastic Mints.

About Dixie Brands

Dixie could be the trusted source for innovative, safe, effective, and tasty cannabis products. We are proud to offer our consumers products infused with triple lab tested and  natural extracted THC. From balms and bath soaks to tinctures and truffles, every product of ours provides premium, consistent, and reliable results that you can trust.

Where to Buy Orange Awakening Mints

You can buy a wide range of over-the-counter products at low prices online. Buy Orange Awakening Mints on sale for common ailments. Our website allows you to order products online. We provide high-quality products at a low cost. We do not abandon our customers in the middle of providing good services.


Orange Awakening Mints are small orange tablets that come in a punch-out pack. The edible looks sort of like birth control pills and tastes like tablets of Vitamin C. These tablets dissolve right into the tongue. Every tablet could be approx. 5mg THC dose from an upper sativa blend includes orange oil, ginkgo, and ginseng.


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