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PAX 3 could be a knockout, catering to the concentrates crowd while including power and speed still; a few of the tech doodads are a little much.

Structure of PAX 3

One of the smallest portables on the market, the palm-size PAX 3 could be a sleek little vaporizer. The lustrous, polished aluminium case immediately attracts, resembling a high-end music player more than pot paraphernalia. It is a beautiful tiny beastwith a function to match its structure. You can Order PAX 3 online at your home.

Things to Know About PAX 3

PAX 3 improves upon its predecessor PAX 2 in minimum ways. Most probably, PAX 3 ships with a hash oil insert to point the concentrates crowd. Cannabis users increasingly pick oil pens for their sensitive nature, ease of use and reliability. PAX 3 missed that market segment for years while opponents such as the Firefly 2 included concentrates assistance to their portables. The oil insert functions very well. Little more than a rounded metal box, its fantastic ability evinces the thoughtful research and development into the mini vessels. Inside, two cylindrical posts cover air holes punched at the end of the insert, and a slit on the above permits air to pass entirely through while keeping much oil within the unit.

From where you can purchase PAX 3

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PAX 3 could be a slim, portable vape device with pre-filled pods to vape other liquids. The liquid can be either THC and CBD- dominant stains. The GIO works a lot, such as the PAX Era. Both hardware has low-profile, discrete sizes and designs.


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