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Vaping has been a positive revolution for the cannabis industry because of its convenience of getting high. Pax Labs have been the earliest players in portable cannabis vaporizers as they tend to address the biggest concern of vaping: portability. They are also called Fresh Pressed Live Rosin pods filled with cannabis compounds that have been cold-pressed almost like juice—with zero solvents or other chemical additives used in the process. They are also compared to raw products by COO Steven Jung. IPod has thousands of songs in our pockets, and the same is the case with the concentrated cannabis compounds in vape pens and their swappable oil-filled pods that offer 300-500 puffs in a tiny package. Vaporizers heat a leaf or oil until it becomes vapour, and they do so at low temperatures such that it never combusts. One does notinhale materials found in burning material.

Pax Labs was initially founded in 2007 as a vaping company called Ploom and focused on nicotine and cannabis; that made their mark by miniaturizing the large vaporizers popularized in the early times like the volcano- into your pockets. There is also a temperature slider that goes from 400 degrees Fahrenheit to high 700s and thus gives a big terpene flavour at the low temperatures and a plush vapour cloud at higher temperatures.

What Are the Benefits of the Pax Era

  • Dosage is easy to remember and offers a safe and predictable session every time someone uses it.
  • One does not have to change or get confused with the settings to use it, and it's easy and user friendly.

Where to Buy Online

It is available to buy online on different platforms where one can compare prices and
expect a good quality of the product.


Pax Era is a special strain terp sauce formulated for the new wickless ceramic Gio Pod.


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