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Pineapple Express CBD Wax 1g

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CBD is short form of cannabidiol; CBD wax is a highly concentrated form of CBD and it  is produced by extracting CBD from the hemp plant, with the CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction method being the safest. Hemp is placed in a chamber and then CO2is placed in a supercritical phase where it is put at high temperature and pressure; thus this dissolves the trichomes of the plant and frees the cannabinoids. This process helps in refining CBD  to such a point that it solidifies into a waxy substance. It is sticky and soft with a gel like appearance; and can appear in different colours ranging from yellow to brown. CBD was mainly has following ingredients like hemp extract, terpenes(natural occuring compounds found in hemp plants responsible for pungent and earthy aroma), flavonoids(responsible for giving hemp plant its colour) and other cannabinoids(the most common cannabinoids are CBG, CBN and also sometimes less than 0.3% of THC)

What Are the Benefits of Cbd Wax

CBD can reduce soreness, soothes physical discomfort, and also relieves the aches being experienced after a day of sitting in traffic or sitting in a long shift on a construction site.

  • It also helps in reducing joint swelling, joint aches, tension and also helps in boosting mobility.
  • It also helps in promoting natural sleep; after one dab of CBD the body and mind will be at ease thus allowing one to sleep peacefully.
  • It also helps in balancing appetite by stimulating it to provide nutrients to the bodies and make them function properly.
  • It also helps in alleviating anxiousness as the nervous thoughts can hamper the way of completing day to day tasks and thus it helps in minimizing negative worries and thoughts.
  • It also helps in enhancing mood, in keeping the spirits high, maintain positive energy, and promote a happier mindset and thus boost mood.

Is It Available Online

It is available online Order pineappleon different platforms.


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