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Stiiizy is a cannabis company established in San Francisco. The company produces large range of different excellent cannabis products. The word stiiizy has been coined from the word 'Steez' a combination of words, style and ease. The most exciting thing about stiiizy is an award-winning cannabis company. The company has produced more than 20 different strains and flavours which attracts the maximum customers.

Types of stiiizy products

  • The original stiiizy pods: contains premium THC oil and 'botanically derived terpenes' that add flavour and aroma to the product. There are different 22 strains and varieties, including two CBD- offerings, classic strains and fruity flavours like a strawberry cough. We all agree that different people have different tastes. Even same blood group people have different tastes for everything. So, to make everyone happy, the company has all types of flavours for every enthusiast.
  • Cannabis-derived terpene pods (silver) are formed from single-source cannabis, which is locally grown in California. This is closer in taste and smell to the smoking flower, and you can be sure of what you are inhaling. It is told that the consumers who are aware of their strains and enjoys the real taste of cannabis are more likely to enjoy the silver stiiizy pods than the original ones.
  • Live resin pods(gold) are available in premium vape pods, representing the "gold standard". The pods come from flash-frozen cannabis plants, which are produced in small batches in craft-cannabis style.

Safety for Stiiizy Pods 

The cannabis which is offered for sale is safe to use. The products have been strictly tested, and also safety measurements are taken. The company makes sure that it is safe for the consumers to use before selling them.

Where to buy stiiizy pods Online

The customers can buy stiiizy pods online, available 24*7 on the website. You can get the products at your doorstep.


The stiiizy pods are best to use in gatherings. The pods have a strong buzz and help thebody to become euphoria.


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