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Strawberry Banana Live Resin 1g

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Strawberry Banana is a hybrid by Stiiizy. It has a perfect blend of indica and sativa present in it. Strawnana gives you a perfect feeling of rising to the state of calmness from your body and mind. It helps you focus more appropriately on the various aspects of your life and provides you with instant calmness. Strawnana is also known as Strawberry bananas. This strain is bred in Amsterdam by Reserva Privada. This strain is also privileged with specific awards.

More about Strawnana

It has a sweet strawberry and banana taste in it. This strain has a dominance of indica strain in it. It is made by crossing Banana Kush and Strawberry Bubblegum. And this strain gives you a perfect balance of indica and sativa. Basically, it is a sub-division of DNA Genetics. You can buy Strawnana online from various stores available. Stiiizy has its perfect uniqueness in providing the best product. Strawnana is a very energetic product that you can order online and start eating. You will feel the difference instantly. 

What is the purpose of using Strawberry Banana

Strawnana helps you treat your various medical problems and provide you with a solution. It helps you in treating your stress label at best. It has already helped in relieving the anxiety issues of many people. You can buy strawberry online easily. It also helps treat depression—almost 21% of the people already treated themselves from depression with the help of Strawberry Bananas. Strawnana also helps you improve your awareness, and you can sense that. It makes you develop your creativity and your skills. 


Strawberry banana helps you treat so many medical problems and enhances your creativity. It gives you a new desire, calms your body and mind, gives you a feeling of rest, and helps you to improve your mental label.


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