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Best Vape Pen Cartridges

We all expect and look ahead to relaxing by taking a rest of a few hours after a long day of work. After a load of work, we all desire for that period when we can chill ourselves with our likings. We want to rest our tired bodies in comfy chairs and relax into the cushions while relishing their softness. And that's the moment when maybe you are looking for something that can fly away all your worries and anxiety in just a few seconds. A vape pen might be the best choice for you in such a case. Small, discreet, and lightweight vape pen devices are often easy to use and make an excellent choice for both, whether it is home or your office.

So if you are searching for a vape device to make massive vapour clouds, but do not have vast knowledge about what will be appropriate for you, don't worry you are not alone here. Most people get so confused about choosing the best vape pen cartridges. The primary concern is that most buyers are unaware of the finest THC cartridge brands available in the market, and that is why you have us here to provide you with some assistance. So why wait? Let's continue reading if you look for the best vape pen Cartridges in 2022. This post will cover the best vape pens currently available so that you can explore a wide selection of vape devices.

What Are Vape Pens

When vape pens first arrived on the scene, people called them pens because they were slim, narrow, and cylindrical. Their similitude to pens gave them the title 'vape pen.' Regardless of the design, the vape pens will consist of the battery part of the device that helps heat the device and a pod or tank filled with e-liquid. While the battery section generally has relatively simple controls compared to a vape mod. The pod or tank consists of a section to hold a coil and the e-liquid. When the pen coil heats up, it transforms the e-liquid into vapour. It makes the vape pen very simple to use and suitable for beginners. Most vape pens are not designed to chuck out tons of vapour, but they are typically easy to use while fulfilling your nicotine cravings. 

Top Vape Pens Cartridges for 2022

We have made our report regarding THC cartridge brands through product quality testing to customer service ratings. We have assembled all the information you will need to locate some of the fantastic vape pen cartridges available, and here is the list of top vape pen cartridges of our selection.

Innokin Go Series - 3 Versions To Choose From

The Innokin Go series is a collection of single-button vape pens that are very easy to use. The original Innokin Go Series has impressed users with its simple automatic output and long-lasting battery. It is a vape pen with a suitable fixed-coil disposable tank that is excellent for those who don't like the fuss of switching coils. When the coil inside the tank comes to the end of its life, it will simply be replaced with a new one. Innokin released two new Go devices in the year 2021. These new versions have coils for a longer-lasting tank and are excellent for the environmentally conscious vaper. The Go-Z and Go-S are Mouth-to-Lung devices, and the GoMax provides a previously unseen vape pen that is easy to use, with fixed low-resistance coils competent in providing big clouds. And what you like the most about the Innokin

What makes Innokin Go Series more likeable for you:

  • Three options to suit different users

  • Easy to use

  • Sliding top fill

Uwell Whirl S - Stylish Design

The Uwell Whirl S combines both substance and style for a device that looks great and is simple to use. One can use it for a loose or a restricted and airy vape. The compact vape pen is made of durable yet elegant stainless steel for a modern aesthetic. It is an easy-to-use appliance with auto output, an auto draw option, and a top filling pod, but it also offers space to experiment with vaping tones. Although it performs with only one coil option, the adjustable airflow of the Whirl S tank can furnish both Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and limited Direct-Lung (RDL) styles. It is ideal for new vapers who desire to experiment with different vaping styles as they become more convinced without buying a new device. 

What makes Uwell Whirl S more likeable for you:

  • Sleek and stylish design

  • Easy to use

  • Supports MTL and RDL

Smok Stick V9 - A Vape Pen With Mod Features

The Smok Stick V9 stands out in the vape pen category, combining a 3000mAh battery, 60W of power, 510 connection, and the immense cloud potential you usually find in advanced devices with the compact design easy-to-use features of a vape pen. Its single-button design drives the device easy to fire, and the coil's wattage is auto-determined. The Stick V9 kit teams the Stick V9 device with the Mini V2 coils and TFV8 Mini Tank for sub-ohm, Direct-Lung vaping, and it can be paired with most other coils and tanks due to its 510 connection.

What makes Smok Stick V9 more likable for you:

  • 510 connection – pair with most tanks

  • Enormous power range & battery capacity 

  • Easy automatic output.

Innokin Endura T1811 - Uber-popular

Innokin Endura T1811 is uber-popular and is relatively easy to use. Vapers have incredibly well-received the Innokin Endura series. The Endura T1811 is not so different, garnering reviews on E-Cigarette Direct with a moderate rating of 4.8. One feature of this vape pen that comes up repeatedly in reviews is that it is easy to use. This vape pen allows you to adjust the heat of the vape and the airflow, making it easy to do so too. You will also really appreciate the magnetic top that clips onto the lid of the mouthpiece. While not typical across vape pens, this keeps the mouthpiece hygienic, clean, and dust-free.  

What makes Innokin Endura T1811 is more likeable for you:

  • Adjustable heat and airflow

  • Easy to use

  • Hygienic

Hexa Pro - Best Closed Pod System

The Hexa V2.0 was one of the favourite pod systems due to its flawless combination of technology and its e-liquid. But the V2.0 has been discontinued. While the old version is discontinued, Hexa has given us an upgraded version with the Hexa Pro. It features an improved battery with fast charging design. The lightweight device is super compact and easy to use, requires barely any setup, and uses a mixture of freebase e-liquid and nic salts for a draw and throat strike similar to cigarettes. It makes it excellent for new vapers searching for a fuss-free vape adventure that resembles smoking. In addition, most of the vape pens of this series are open designs, which means that you can refill the e-liquid when it becomes empty. The Hexa Pro refers to a fixed-coil closed pod design, so when the e-liquid of the pod runs out, you can supersede it with another one. Moreover, it is ideal for those vapers who don't like changing coils or refilling pods. Also, you can see the Hexa Mini for a better compact version. 

What makes Hexa Pro is more likeable for you:

  • Slim, compact, and lightweight

  • Similar to smoking

  • Super easy to use

Aspire PockeX - One Of The Best Vape Pens For Throat Hit

Most of the vape pen devices in this post are relatively new. But Aspire PockeX is an exception because it became popular in 2016. In the fast-changing vape market, it is rare to see any device that first became available in 2016, but it is still on sale and is hugely popular. Furthermore, the Aspire PockeX is reliable, sturdy, and easy to use. But the most significant reason for the popularity of this vape pen is its throat hit. Besides, the PockeX has one flaw: it can easily crack when dropped due to its glass structure. But it is worth putting a vape band near the glass for protection. Fortunately, the pen glass is replaceable, so you do not need to worry too much if you crack it.

What makes Aspire PockeX is more likeable for you:

  • Great build quality

  • Superb throat hit

  • Easy-top-fill


Moreover, as you can see from this report, different vape pens come to suit different uses and requirements. Thanks to the THC vape cartridges that make using cannabis easier or safer than it has never been before. Regardless, the rise in awareness of these vape pens has quickly expanded demand. The vast increase in competing brands can be harmful rather than beneficial. As a result, getting useful product information can become more complex, especially for beginners. But you don't need to bother anymore as you have this handy guide that helps you clear all doubts, concluding with essential data that is relatively easy to follow. And if you want to buy vape pens, we strongly suggest you buy them from Aussiethc Edibles, as we provide you with the best quality vape cartridges products at a very reasonable price.


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