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OG Kush is a long-time favorite among cannabis newcomers and veterans alike. Its genetics and history are unknown, but it is recognized to have unrivaled therapeutic potential and a soothing and earthy flavor character. So, if you're looking for a strain that's both pleasant to the palate and effective at relieving various aches, OG Kush is well worth a try. In recent years, OG Kush has been one of the most popular forms of bud available on the legal market, regarded as the structural backbone (and founding father) of many first-rate West Coast cannabis strains. And, despite having a moniker that's almost as well-known as Pineapple Express or White Widow, the origins of this exciting cannabis strain are still mostly unknown. Fortunately, a lack of knowledge about this flower hasn't diminished the strain's extraordinary medical potential.

Furthermore, OG Kush weed is tasty, earthy, and aromatic. Still, its cannabinoid profile has led to the expression of countless additional OG phenotypes, assisting in the emergence of other famous strains that have become favorites of both patients and stoners. Today, "420 geneticists" are working on new OG Kush cannabis relatives, probably because the strain has a tremendous high, pleasant flavor and medicinal benefits. Marijuana geneticists can't get enough of the top-of-the-line quality of OG Kush-based cannabis strains, and it appears that neither can its buyers. OG Kush is a legend for transforming the marijuana market and rising to its current prominence as one of the most popular contemporary providing the foundational backbone of numerous world-famous cannabis cultivars. Although nothing is known about the precise genetic origins of the OG Kush strain, experts classify it as a hybrid (rumors claim the strain may be a blend between parent plants Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush). These rumors were never substantiated, but the origins of OG Kush don't seem to matter because the impact it has had on the cannabis industry is undeniable. 

OG Kush has spawned a slew of new phenotypes, most of which have soared in popularity in both the medical and recreational sectors. Of course, the strain's high-THC potency – which appears to help many users with a range of medicinal conditions – is one of the key reasons it has been employed extensively in cannabis genetics breeding. THC levels regularly reach the 20-27 percent range; for example, OG Kush's punch is exceptionally potent — certainly a power hitter for anyone who consumes it. OG Kush is a well-known cannabis strain that appears to be primarily consumed in Australia and New Zealand— so if you want to try a wet batch of this potent cannabis strain, head to one of these states. When you have anxiety, the expert may recommend you to consume marijuana strain upto a specific limit to cure anxiety and stress. Hence, you can legally buy OG kush online in Australia through our website, which has been selling marijuana products for years. You can check the customer's review and official site for authentication.

Can You Grow OG Kush At Home?

  • OG Kush grows best at temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It tolerates lower nighttime temperatures better than most strains, although humidity levels must be reduced during flowering. Maintain a temperature of around 80 degrees during the vegetative period. Reduce the temperature of your OG Kush to roughly 70 degrees once it has reached the flowering stage. Ensure that the temperature difference between day and night is no more than 10-15 degrees throughout the growing period. 
  • You will shock your plants, slow down growth, and perhaps kill the entire crop if your grow room is too cold for an extended length of time. Mold is more likely to grow in colder temperatures. It can also cause the OG Kush plant's leaves to purple, and low temperatures slow down photosynthesis. Allowing your room temperature to get above 80 degrees can be dangerous. This decreases the scent and potency of the buds by slowing bud growth during the flowering stage. Excessive heat also raises the chance of pests such as spider mites attracting to your home.
  • Additionally, root oxygen deficiency can cause the leaves to wilt when you add carbon dioxide enrichment to the equation, the game changes. You can enhance your yield by up to 20% by increasing the CO2 level in your growing environment. Because CO2 is a necessary ingredient of the photosynthetic process, marijuana plants breathe it rather than oxygen. Additionally, CO2 enrichment makes your plants more resistant to heat and light stress. Your crop will grow in an environment with CO2 levels of 1200-1500 ppm with CO2 enrichment. You must seal the grow room and let additional carbon dioxide into the air for it to work. 
  • The most obvious option is a CO2 generator, but compressed CO2 can also be purchased. Your OG Kush plants may survive at temperatures as high as 95 degrees if there is at least 1200 ppm of CO2. OG Kush is prone to each of these issues. If you don't catch these problems early enough, they can ruin your harvest. Bud rot is a mold that grows inside the bud's stem. It quickly spreads and is notoriously difficult to catch early on. Unfortunately, bud rot produces spores quickly, which can quickly spread across the garden. 
  • You may have to destroy the entire plant if you notice the rot too late (buds become grey and spongy). Bud rot thrives in overly humid environments and spaces with poor ventilation. As a result, humidity should be kept at a maximum of 55 percent during the vegetative stage. During flowering, reduce it to around 40% of its original value.

To promote good ventilation, invest in high-quality fans, and try trimming your OG Kush plants if they become too dense. If a plant has bud rot, remove the damaged portion and put the rest of the plant in a different room. Therefore, once you know various facts about growing OG kush, buy weed seeds of OG kush online from and enjoy your OG kush journey.

Substitutes Of OG Kush

  • Skywalker OG has a calm high with significant THC levels that won't knock you out totally. This strain appeals to both long-time users and newcomers. It keeps many long-time users satisfied with THC levels that can approach 26% while being India dominating enough to minimize anxiety. The most surprising aspect of Skywalker OG is that, despite its intense effects, it will not put you to sleep. Skywalker OG has a distinct smell that will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. It's highly herbaceous with undercurrents of loam, wood fires, and just a hint of spice. It has a piney, slightly sweet flavor. Skywalker OG thrives in warm, dry areas. An outdoor grow can produce a show-stopping 28 ounces per plant if you have enough space. Plants may produce 17 ounces per square yard even when grown indoors. This strain necessitates a low humidity environment. The Indica genetics cause these plants to be bushy, as they are with nearly all OG Kush cannabis strains. You've got a recipe for disaster when you add excessive humidity to the mix. Maintain a humidity level of roughly 40% for optimal results. 
  • Banana OG is one of the lesser-known OG strains, yet nonetheless deserving of the OG moniker. In terms of effects, it's very comparable to typical OG Kush strains. It's a potent, dank strain with THC levels up to 25%. On the other hand, the fragrance and flavor are what set this strain apart. Banana OG tastes and smells like bananas, in addition to the citrus and herb flavor that is typical of OG strains. It smells like a tropical smoothie to many people, with traces of citrus as a backdrop to the powerful banana scent. The flavor is as strong as the scent, with a hint of incense from the OG genetics. Banana OG is a fast-flowering strain that can flower in as little as seven weeks. It's also reasonably straightforward to grow, making it an excellent choice for newcomers to the OG line. It grows well both inside and out, producing up to 14 ounces per square yard indoors. 
  • Tahoe OG will get you insanely high. Straight to the point. Relaxed, happy, and hungry are the top reported symptoms, which is cannacode for "my god, you're about to be completely stoned." Tahoe OG is the most well-known OG Kush phenotype, which means it originates from the parent strain's seeds and isn't a cross between OG Kush and another strain. Consider phenotypes in the context of kittens. A litter may have five kits from the same parents, yet they all appear and act differently for some reason. Weed is in the same boat. Tahoe OG nugs have more orange hairs and white trichomes than the Original, and they're a little darker and denser. The typical earthy citrus scent of Kush is still present. 

However, Og kush remains the king of OG's, so buy OG kush or any other type of marijuana strain from and grab exclusive deals every day and a safe payment option.

Last Words

We hope you enjoyed not only our OG Kush guide but also found it interesting and informative. OG Kush is a primary hitter in recreational and medical marijuana usage, and if you haven't tested it yet, you should prioritize it. If you live in a "weed-friendly" state like Melbourne, Adelaide, or Hobart, the strain should be easy. For those who live elsewhere in the country, the glorious high of OG Kush should be on your cannabis bucket list as you travel the country in search of the perfect high. Therefore, do not visit any fraudulent website, buy OG kush online through, and get various offers and original quality strains without any prescription legally in the USA.


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