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OG Kush was first generated in Florida by Matt Berger. Behind time, Josh Del Rosso made that strain famous with some growing conditions and established it in the Los Angeles market. In the Los Angeles market, JoshD popularized with different strain varieties. In the Weedmaps March madness competition held in 2020, OG Kush stood in the 1st position, which declares success for the product. It was reported that OG Kush contains an average of 20% of THC content which may grow up to 26% as per further testing. Myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene are the dominant terpenes found in the strain. You can Order OG Kush Online.

OG Kush Characteristics

OG has shaped mostly triangular or pinecone buds with little or no leaf in it, which is coated in frost, and it has a pungent aroma that can’t be dangerous for anyone. The aroma of OG depends upon the plants, but it is generally in between a new can of  balls and a ginger-kerosene cocktail. The flavours which are mostly found areearthy, strawberry and lemon. 

OG has physical and psychological benefits. Because of THS content, it helps torelieve severe and chronic pain and makes you feel relaxed. Also, OG Kush aids inreleasing stress, anxiety and depression. After consuming OG, it feels warm and likeyou are wrapped in a warm blanket. 

How to Anticipate

Although all OG end up with a strong package that helps you relax and have fun with friends. As far as you are concerned and a beginner using it, do not be more hard-hitting. Take help from others of how many cuts you are smoking. You can get the same feeling by smoking OG for a long period. You can buy OG Kush Online.


OG Kush is one of the best things among the Kush group. It helps to relax and have fun with friends.


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