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Purple Haze

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Purple Haze is the most famous purple marijuana variety because of its irresistible strawberry aroma and potency of effect. In addition, it has pleasant purple undertones that add to the appeal of this type of cannabis, Sativa. It is a hybrid of several Sativa genetics with different percentages of THC and a single Indica-dominant genetic with a high THC content. This Sativa dominance gives it a special psychotropic effect and thus is powerful; if taken in larger quantities, it becomes very close to psychedelic. They grow at shallow temperatures and thus protect themselves by changing their color to the beautiful purple everyone likes. Its buds are purple and medium to small in size and soft and sticky to touch. Both buds and leaves can have streaks whose color ranges from lilac mauve to deep purple. The aroma is sweet and earthy with notes of strawberry  and berries, and also the taste reflects the aroma that gives a fruity aftertaste in the mouth.

Benefits of Purple Haze

It has high THC content and Sativa dominance, which gives an energizing effect that stimulates conversation and creativity.

  • It is effective in combating muscle tension and chronic pain.
  • It also gives an immediate feeling of euphoria that is extremely colorful.
  • It also helps keep the mind off heavy or tedious work and helps stimulate ideas for a creative project and solve complicated tasks.
  • It doesn't make a person feel drowsy or sleepy, whereas it makes them more active and receptive.
  • It can help counter both chronic pain and pain caused by minor inflammations such as headaches, cramps, etc.
  • It can also positively alter mood and release serotonin, which can temporarily improve symptoms of stress and mild depression.

Is It Available Online

Yes, it is available on different online platforms in other forms without compromising quality, and thus anyone can easily purchase it online without any hassle.


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