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Order Stiiizy Mochilato- Liiit Flower Online

The strain of this product is known as Mochi. Mochi can be called other names like mochi gelato, mochilato, and gelato 47, a cross of sunset sherbet and thin mint girl scout cookie created by San Francisco breeder sherbinskis. As per the creators, the taste is likea Japanese frozen dessert for which it is named after fruity and sweet with a hint of mint. The scent of the strain mixes with earthy and vanilla undertones, along with the smell of floral.  The flavors found in this strain are diesel, earthy, and citrus. As citrus a fruit flavor, it tastes somewhat sour. 

What Does All the Stiizy Mochilato Include

The strain helps to feel relaxed and happy. So the time when you want to sleep and can’t sleep, the strain might help you with that.

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